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RS NotifyTM is the heart of your risk management system, which is designed to track, manage and drastically reduce adverse events within your organization. Because it is so easy to report an incident, don't be surprised if you register up to five times more (near) incidents than you would have with an off-line system!

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RS InventoryTM enables you to inventory and evaluate risks. Just think about an accurate risk matrix to identify areas of focus. You can perform a complete risk evaluation or perform a simple check-up such as a safety round. A simple 'point-and-click' configuration opens up all possibilities to tailor-made, intelligently routed audits and questionnaires.

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RS DocumentTM is designed to make your life easier and manage all documents related to your primary processes in the most efficient way. It guarantees fault reduction in revisions and effective tracking, searching and storing crucial documents, images, etc.


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RS AnticipateTM guides you through the steps of prospective analysis. Based on a variety of internationally recognized methods helps you anticipate faults and prevent problems by proactively identifying them for improvement measures. This In-depth analysis tool lets you to discover why processes or systems might fail and understand the reasons behind these failures.

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RS InvestigateTM brings you retrospective analysis tools. You have already been gathering reports into the Reporting Management System (RS NotifyTM). Now you may want to use one or several analysis techniques to systematically search for causes and reasons why incidents did happen.

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RS AnalyticsTM brings you the right translation of data to information, on which you can improve your processes and organization. After data collection, research questions are of vital importance. RS AnalyticsTM gives answers. Using flexible analyses, you will get the right insights and be able to identify trends, risks, root causes, prioritize areas for improvement and more.


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RS ImproveTM empowers what it is eventually all about: improving your processes for a safer environment, higher quality and ROI. It completes your Risk Management System with the Quality Improvement Tracker. This module helps managers monitor their organization's performance, set up improvement actions and track their progress.

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