Risksync.com provides the most extensive web based risk management software, solutions and services in order to accomplish safer environments for workers, clients, visitors, patients or citizens.


Our mission is to be attractive to all stakeholders by bringing innovative risk management solutions to the world.


In order to do so, our vision is to be leading in an emerging market for a safer environment by empowering risk management.

Our focus is therefore to sync your risks the easy way. Starting with affordable, ready-to-use software to report and register incidents, we built your system up to the most complete total solution. Offering extended features, strategic as well as technical consultancy, services, support, maintenance and more... we will get you safe.


Based in Alkmaar in the Netherlands, we started developing software in 2005 and soon introduced our first Incident Management System, which was picked up rapidly by mostly health care organizations. In the following years we have grown into an international provider of an Enterprise Risk Management system, serving customers in 20 countries. Our most recent activity has been to provide and distribute the best services in the easiest way: webbased, affordable, ready-to-use and subscription based ERM solutions.

Solutions that sync your risks the easy way.